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Standing Germany, 2. Bundesliga
1Holstein KielHolstein Kiel30194760:3461
2St. PauliSt. Pauli30179456:3360
4Hamburger SVHamburger SV30147955:4249
7Hertha BerlinHertha Berlin301281062:5144
9Greuther FurthGreuther Furth301261240:4342
16Hansa RostockHansa Rostock30941727:5031
18VfL OsnabruckVfL Osnabruck30591627:6024

Statistics Germany, 2. Bundesliga

Germany, 2. Bundesliga

The German 2. Bundesliga is the second division in the German football hierarchy. Over the years, the format has changed quite a few times. After the league's creation in 1974, it included Second League North and Second League South. The winners of both divisions qualified directly into Germany's elite. The teams that had finished second played a play-off to fight for the last place in the First Bundesliga. Until the 1980-1981 season, this format of the Second Bundesliga didn't change. Later, a new structure with 18 teams was implemented. The first two teams qualify to the elite division, and the third plays a play-off against the 16th from the First Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich is the only traditionally top club in Germany that has not spent a single season in the Second Bundesliga. Until recently, Hamburger SV was also included in this number, but the die Rothosen fell out of the elite in 2019. Traditionally, the championship in the 2. Bundesliga is quite strong, and the league is also one of the most successful second divisions.

A strange fact is that since the 2008-2009 season, the league's winner has received a trophy. The chairman of the German Football League, Tom Bender, said that the Silverware is the most significant symbol in the Bundesliga and winning it is a major achievement for the club.


2. Bundesliga Statistics:

A team with most titles - Nürnberg, Freiburg, Köln, Arminia Bielefeld and Bochum (4)

A team with most promotions - Arminia Bielefeld (8) 

Topscorers Germany, 2. Bundesliga
#NameClubCountryAgeMatchesGoalsYC YCRC RC
1.R. GlatzelHamburger SVHamburger SV29341940
2.C. TeuchertHannoverHannover26291440
3.F. SchleusenerKarlsruherKarlsruher31331320
4.M. WanitzekKarlsruherKarlsruher30341040
5.A. UjahBraunschweigBraunschweig32291030

Topscorers in Germany, 2. Bundesliga

Clubs in Germany, 2. Bundesliga
Upcoming matches and predictions
26.04.2024 17:30HannoverHertha BerlinHertha Berlin:HannoverHannoverO2.52.353.602.852.351.55
26.04.2024 17:30Hansa RostockSt. PauliSt. Pauli:Hansa RostockHansa Rostock11.285.5011.002.201.60
27.04.2024 12:00KaiserslauternHolstein KielHolstein Kiel:KaiserslauternKaiserslauternO2.51.824.004.002.601.45
27.04.2024 23:00DusseldorfSchalkeSchalke:DusseldorfDusseldorfO2.52.703.602.502.351.55
27.04.2024 23:00ElversbergPaderbornPaderborn:ElversbergElversbergO2.51.854.003.802.601.45
27.04.2024 23:00Hamburger SVBraunschweigBraunschweig:Hamburger SVHamburger SVO2.53.153.702.152.351.55
28.04.2024 12:30VfL OsnabruckMagdeburgMagdeburg:VfL OsnabruckVfL OsnabruckO2.51.684.254.602.601.45
28.04.2024 12:30KarlsruherNurnbergNurnberg:KarlsruherKarlsruherO2.53.303.802.052.451.50
Latest matches for Germany, 2. Bundesliga
21.04.2024 12:30Hertha BerlinKarlsruherKarlsruher3:2Hertha BerlinHertha BerlinO2.52.003.903.402.601.45
21.04.2024 12:30St. PauliHannoverHannover1:2St. PauliSt. PauliO2.53.053.402.351.951.80
21.04.2024 12:30MagdeburgHansa RostockHansa Rostock0:2MagdeburgMagdeburgO2.52.803.502.452.151.65
20.04.2024 19:30Holstein KielHamburger SVHamburger SV0:1Holstein KielHolstein KielO2.52.053.903.252.801.40
20.04.2024 12:00Greuther FurthDusseldorfDusseldorf1:0Greuther FurthGreuther FurthO2.51.584.305.502.351.55
20.04.2024 12:00WehenKaiserslauternKaiserslautern1:1WehenWehenO2.51.803.904.252.201.60
20.04.2024 12:00BraunschweigVfL OsnabruckVfL Osnabruck0:3BraunschweigBraunschweigO2.52.603.402.702.001.75
19.04.2024 17:30PaderbornNurnbergNurnberg0:2PaderbornPaderbornO2.52.803.602.402.451.50
19.04.2024 17:30SchalkeElversbergElversberg1:1SchalkeSchalkeO2.52.403.702.752.451.50
14.04.2024 12:30ElversbergSt. PauliSt. Pauli3:4ElversbergElversberg11.424.757.252.351.55
Frequently asked questions

How many teams play in 2. Bundesliga?

The current 2. Bundesliga format has 18 teams. 

Which are the current 2. Bundesliga champions?

Heidenheim won the 2. Bundesliga in the 2022/2023 season.

Which is the club with the most 2. Bundesliga titles?

Nürnberg, Freiburg, Köln, Arminia Bielefeld and Bochum with 4 titles.

Which is the club with the most 2. Bundesliga promotions?

Arminia Bielefeld with 8 promotions.

Who was last season's 2. Bundesliga's top goalscorer?

The Heidenheim striker, Tim Kleindienst, who scored 25 goals in the 2022/2023 season.

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