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Palms Bet Mobile App

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Palms Bet mobile app 2024 Kenya

Palms Bet Mobile New Version application Kenya (2024)

The mobile version and application can be downloaded and installed by all Kenyan players.

Nowadays, mobile services of all kinds are extremely important and in demand. Whether they are related to our work or we just like to have fun using our mobile device, a large part of our day passes in front of it.


For a long time, fans of online betting had the opportunity to bet only and only using their computers, and thus they had to stay locked at home for hours.

In the last decade, with the development of mobile services, this has changed and the majority of online betting companies have created and presented to their customers the mobile versions of their betting sites, and some of them have even developed their own applications.

In this article we will talk about one of these bookmakers - Palms Bet and its mobile browser version, looking at everything related to it - the different betting options, the lack of a mobile app, how to use the mobile service, payment methods with it and more a lot.

Types of bets through the mobile version of Palms Bet

Let's first start with the types of bets you can place using the mobile version of Palms Bet.
The truth is that the popularity of mobile booking platforms is so great because they offer absolutely everything that the main bookmaker sites do.

How to Download and install the Palms Bet mobile app on Android

Download PALMS BET mobile app for Android

This is exactly the case and here, by using Palms Bet Mobile, you can bet in all sections and sections of the betting company and as mobile users you are not deprived of absolutely anything. Installing the Palms Bet app on your Android phone is both fast and easy. Follow the steps bellow to start betting

How to Download and install the Palms Bet app on iOS (Iphone and Ipad devices)

Download PALMS BET mobile app for iOS

To install the Palms Bet mobile app on iOS, follow the steps.

Sports betting

These are the most popular type of bets in the country and a large number of Palms Bet customers love them. After the creation of the mobile version of the site, sports betting has become even easier and with just a few clicks you have already bet and are waiting for the development of the matches from your slip.


You will find the sports section itself easily by simply opening the mobile version of Palms Bet, typing the name of the bookmaker in your browser's search box and pressing the "Search" button, which will take you directly to the slot section of the company.

At the top of your screens, you may see a navigation bar that contains the tabs:

"Casino" and "Live Casino".

Clicking on "Sports" will take you to Palms Bet's huge sports section filled with all sorts of events, tournaments and championships to bet on.

Casino games

Definitely the most accessible section in Palms Bet Mobile is this. You just need to type "palmsbet" into your search engine and you will be redirected directly to it, where you will find more than 200 slot games from the best software developers in the country and Europe.
You can also use the game filtering options to make it easier to find the ones you want.

Slot games are divided into several sections

Slot - This is the section that contains absolutely all the slots from Palms Bet, and you can choose from over 200 offers;
New - The latest slot games added to the Kenyan bookmaker's betting platform are included here;
Aviator - This game has become one of the most popular slot offerings in the last half year and it is for this reason that it has its own section;

Recommended - Here you will find the most popular and played games at Palms Bet, numbering around twenty;
Bingo - For fans of bingo and its great winnings, Palms Bet has built its own section on its site;
Table games - Not everything in the casino section of the betting brand is roulette, as a large part of the customers love table games, but unfortunately at this moment in the section you will find only one such - "European Roulette".

Live casino

Visit PALMS BET casino

For customers who love the thrill of a real casino and its atmosphere, Palms Bet gives them the chance to experience it through their Live Casino section. Clicking on it will take you to a world of table games with live croupiers, where you can compete both with them and with other players.

Among the live games included in this section are:


Palms Bet Mobile App

Unfortunately for those customers who prefer to have a mobile application instead of using their browser every time to bet, Palms Bet does not yet offer one.

Although there is almost always no difference between the mobile versions and the applications - neither in design, nor in events and games, different customers have different preferences for which of the two mobile services is more pleasant to use.

The mobile browser version does not take up space and memory on your device, but it consumes a large amount of mobile data.
The mobile application, on the other hand, is built in a way to save on your megabytes, but it will put a strain on your memory.

At the moment, however, Palms Bet does not offer this option to its users, but given the impressively fast development of the company, we at Machovete.com expect the company to provide us with a mobile application as soon as possible.

How to use the mobile version

The popularity of mobile services of this kind came precisely from the fact that they are extremely easy to use and you can bet easily and quickly, wherever and whenever you want.

You just need to open the mobile version of Palms Bet, select one of the betting sections above and simply place your bet.

In addition to easily placing bets, using the bookmaker's mobile service you can do everything else from the company's main site, and in the following lines you can see the main options in Palms Bet Mobile.

Basic options

You can create an account;
Depositing is easy and fast;
You can activate and roll the bonus offers from Palms Bet;
You have at your disposal detailed statistics and results of all matches;
You get access to some of the most useful betting features, such as: "Close Bet" and "Live Statistics".

Bonuses for the mobile version

Bonuses that are only for mobile users are extremely rare and at the moment Palms Bet does not offer this type of offer.

However, all other promotional offers from the bookmaker's platform are available to activate and play through the mobile version, and you can enjoy some of the best quality and attractive bonuses even through your mobile device.

Let's take a look at both Palms Bet starter bonuses and their terms, conditions and how to play.

Starting Bonus Sports

The initial bonus "Sport" is an extremely high-quality offer with which you can add to your account 100% of your initial deposit on the Palms Bet website.

It is of the utmost importance when activating this offer that you follow its terms and conditions, as in case of violation, the bookmaker has the right to cancel and remove the entire bonus amount + the winnings made with it from your account.

Starting Bonus Casino by Palms Bet

The other impressive introductory offer from Palms Bet is designed for the newest customers, fans of the casino.
With the "Casino Initial Bonus" you can get up to 100% of your initial deposit. This is undoubtedly one of the best quality offers on the Kenyan gambling market, and you can also take advantage of it through your mobile device.

The bonus has slightly more complicated playing conditions, and at the same time you must also follow its rules, which you will see in the following lines. all bonus terms and conditions and an example of how the offer plays out.

Mobile payment methods at Palms Bet

The deposit and withdrawal options at Palms Bet are extremely diverse and at the same time one of the most popular.
The bookmaker's customers have the option of depositing and withdrawing via credit and debit cards, online wallets, mobile operators, payment systems and others.

In the tables below you can see absolutely all payment options with Palms Bet, as well as their specifics such as: maximum limit, minimum limit and their transaction deadlines.

Advantages of the mobile version
Beautiful design and convenient arrangement

Palms Bet Mobile has one of the most beautiful and well-built designs, everything looks in place and customers can easily navigate the service.

It also lacks any annoying ads and pop-ups to spoil your mood and make you angry.

Opportunity to take advantage of Palms Bet bonuses and offers

Using the mobile version of Palms Bet you have full access to all bonus offers and promotional offers from the bookmaker's main site. This means that you can activate the company's introductory offers as well as all its other attractive offers.

Your memory remains free

The Palms Bet mobile service is a web-based application that does not need to be downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet. This means that you will not face any difficulty in downloading or installing and also the memory of your mobile device will remain intact.

Contacts with Palms Bet

Using the mobile version of the bookmaker, it is not impossible to come across some problems, bugs or have certain questions for which you do not have an answer. This is where the Palms Bet support team can help you more than you think.

You can contact the support team very easily using any of the three methods that Palms Bet offers - "Live Chat", email address or the inquiry form.

Contacts with Palms Bet

Live chat: Opening the bookmaker's website in its lower part you can see the button "Contact us", by clicking on it you will find the option for "Live chat";
E-mail: If you prefer to use your e-mail and send an e-mail to Palms Bet, you can do so again from the "Contact Us" section and selecting the contact option via e-mail address;

Inquiry Form: This is the slowest option to contact the Palms Bet support team, again found under Contact Us. Choosing this communication option, you need to write down your three names, your username, your phone number, the problem you have and your question.

Palms Bet Mobile Summary

Despite its very recent establishment, Palms Bet manages to maintain the level of other much more experienced betting companies in the country, and in some cases even surpass them.
Without any doubt, the mobile version of the bookmaker is among the best in Kenya and all fans of Palms Bet who decide to try it will be extremely satisfied. In it you will find a huge variety of sports events, championships and tournaments, and in the casino section you will come across over 200 slot games and many more offers with real croupiers and players.

You can also take advantage of every bonus from the company, and at the moment it does not offer a special one for users of the mobile service.
The design and navigation of the web-based application is also at a very high level, and we can safely say that its appearance is perhaps the best among all mobile services from other bookmakers.

Our team believes that the mobile version of Palms Bet is a great opportunity for all fans of online bets who do not want to stay all day in front of their computers at home. Palms Bet Mobile enables its users to bet on a huge variety of betting offers anywhere and anytime, and you will rarely encounter any problems or bugs.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Palms Bet offer a mobile betting app?

At the moment, the company only has a mobile browser version that you don't need to install on your phone. To open and use it, you just need to click on the browser on your phone's search engine and enter the name of the bookmaker in it, then press "Search".

Can I deposit and withdraw funds through Palms Bet Mobile?

The company offers its users great payment methods that can also be used through the mobile version of the bookmaker. The process itself is extremely easy and you can deposit or withdraw money from your account with just a few clicks.

Are there special bonus offers for mobile users?

At the moment, such an offer cannot be found on the Palms Bet platform, but on the other hand, customers who use its mobile service can activate each of the bookmaker's bonuses without any problem.

What bets can I place through the web-based application of the Bulgarian bookmaker?

If you want to take advantage of Palms Bet Mobile and its services, you will not be disappointed. Absolutely all types of bets available in the computer portal of the betting company are also available in the mobile version. This means you can bet on sporting events, slot games and the bookie's live casino. You also have the chance to bet on all the latest and special offers from Palms Bet.

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